About us


Formerly known as The HELM, My HELM was established in March 2019  in Portslade, just west of Brighton. This ‘1-Stop’ Home Ed community group, After School Club and holiday club, provides activities, workshops,  courses and tutoring for the whole community. We provide a safe onsite space in which to socialise and share interests in a particular subject area while forging great friendships along the way!

We aim to create a fun yet relaxed environment for each workshop with an understanding that some children/teens may need to take a time-out at various points in the day. Therefore, we encourage them to take a breather when needed, in a quieter space, so there’s less disruption to others in the workshops. Attendees are encouraged to get involved at their own pace.

My Kids & My Teens HELM

We have a lovely bunch of tutors and specialists who are passionate about a variety of subjects. With varying backgrounds and qualifications, we can offer a mix of fun, creative, and active workshops geared toward your young person’s interests in:

  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Computer Gaming and Animation
  • Mobile Filmmaking and Editing
  • Digital Media and Content Creation
  • Nature Connections and Ecology
  • Movement and Physical Fitness
  • Cooking and Arts and Crafts
  • Storytelling and Comic Book Club

My HELM also offers tutor support for academics, the Arts, tech, GCSEs, and other exams.

My Adult HELM

Because My HELM aims to work with the entire community, we will look to established a new series of Parenting and Business workshops to help lighten the load, and provide a safe and empathetic space in which to discuss the challenges of parenting in the modern world whilst maintaining a career or business.   

Holiday Clubs @ My HELM

Over the holidays My HELM will offers clubs for Kids and Teens to explore Arts and Crafts, Drama Games and the Performing Arts, Tech and Gaming, Mobile Filmmaking and Digital Content Creation, Nature Connections and Exploration, and Movement and Physical Fitness. The fun and learning never stops!

After-School Club @ My HELM

We have an array of fun and interactive social clubs and tutoring  created  for kids and  teens, after school

  • Drama 
  • Art and Crafts 
  • Sports
Origin Story

Laura Foster, our founder, is a Home Ed mum who’s lived in Brighton with her family for the last 12 years. Without a car, Laura found it difficult to travel around to all the amazing workshops and clubs on offer throughout Sussex for the Home Ed community. This inspired her to create the  Brighton-based Community-building activities and workshop resource centre that she craved.

My HELM had a successful opening year, with over 70 people coming to our Taster Day on 10 June 2019. The Teen HELM group (12-16-year-olds) ran 6 workshops including Drama, Economics, Fine Art, Debate Club, Personal Training and Scratch Coding. The Kids HELM group (7-11-year-olds) in turn ran 5 workshops: Singing, Comic Book Club, Cook and Dine, Fun Activities and Maths Modelling.

My HELM Ethos

Our ethos is to create a space where all families and young people can come together without bias or judgement. We will continuously work to make the workshops and tutor clubs accessible to ALL.

On occasion, we may find that we are neither equipped nor trained to support some individual needs or behaviours. Where this is the case, we will try to resolve the issue with parents and child or otherwise look at reallocating to another course or a later date with an option for us to cancel the application.

The parent, guardian, or significant adult carer is invited to accompany their child during their stay if it’s felt that additional support is needed for the child. While doing so, they are able to make use of our lovely outside picnic area or use that day’s allocated space to create their workstation or parent gathering with WiFi and electrical outlets provided.

The Future

We will continue to run 4 & 6-week courses for Teens and Kids, as well as regular meet-ups and hang-outs that are crucial in forming those all-important friendships and key social skills at this poignant time of their young lives. The venue is an ideal location with access to a variety of large and small rooms, cafe area, and outside play areas. Thankfully, we car park, have a bus stop on our doorstep, and two train stations within a 10-min. walk from the centre.

In the future, we intend to increase our offer of after-school clubs for those attending primary and secondary schools. We will work with Age UK to develop Intergenerational workshops for our groups. Our aim is to bring our whole community together in an inclusive way.

We welcome all those with a passion and drive to learn through fun. Please see the My HELM Workshop and Tutor page for more information on what courses we have on offer. We would love to hear from you.